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Amdek Rhythm Machine RMK-100 Vintage Drum Machine Boss DR-55


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Up for sale, a 1980s Amdek Rhythm Machine RMK-100 vintage drum machine in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This early programmable drum machines was produced by Roland under the Amdek (later rebranded to Roland DG) banner from 1981-83, a subsidiary created exclusively to produce early computer monitors and small DIY music kits. The RMK-100 is particularly rare among analog drum machines due to its limited release and the fact that it was only produced in a kit form. It’s a step-write-style drum machine, designed to compete with the likes of the Boss DR-55.

The RMK-100 features Bass, Snare, and Open and Closed hat sounds, all distinctly warm and analog-sounding. Considering its era of production, The RMK-100 is an exceedingly versatile little machine; the Bass drum has internal trimmers for Level and Decay, and the Snare has a trimmer for Noise Level, allowing for excellent tonal sculpting capabilities. It’s a completely programmable machine, with 8 banks of 16-step pattern creation capability.

Controls are relatively simple: the four drum sounds are selected at the four-way “Sounds” switch, and the user inputs the sounds into the 16-step sequence through the two buttons (which also function as Start and Stop/Reset buttons when Play mode is engaged). A unique function of the RMK-100 is the “Filler” switch, which divides each 16-step sequence into 2, 4, or 8-step chunks and then cycles through the resultant sequences at an adjustable rate. The 8 banks are selected at the rotary bank on the right side of the unit, and there are individual knobs for Volume (also functioning as the Power switch), Accent, and Hihat Level.

This unit is in exceptional condition, with just a few microscopic marks on the housing, bright LEDs and clean graphics.