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2012 Skreddy Echo Delay Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 2012 Skreddy Pedals Echo in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Developed by Skreddy founder Marc Ahlfs to recreate classic tube tape echo sounds (complete with occasional unpredictability thanks to the built-in degradation), the pedal features an ultra-high sample rate digital delay with analog filtering and limiting.

Built on the back of the PT2399 chip, the Echo’s relatively simple control layout belies the great deal of variability at play within the enclosure. The pedal features traditional Repeats, Mix and Time controls, with delay times ranging from 50-550ms. Also present are the unique Rate and Intensity controls for the Warble circuit, experimentation-friendly inclusions which greatly widen the range of available sounds, for everything from subtle, shimmering slapback to vast, bizarre alien soundscapes. The Echo’s digital construction ensures a vast amount of headroom, allowing the pedal to be effectively used in tandem with other effects at no risk of unwanted compression or distortion.

Beyond the standard Input and Output jacks, there is also an effects loop, which allows delay-only processing (the "wet" amp in a stereo setup can feature delay trails when the normal output is in bypass). Further tonal tweaking is available thanks to the inclusion of two trim pots. The trim pot on the left affects the volume of the effects return signal, allowing the Echo to act as an effect volume control for other, volume control-less effects in the chain. The trim pot on the right side governs the range of the warble intensity knob.

There is sparingly little wear on the gold hammerite finish, save for a few small chips along the bottom edge of the pedal's face. All of the stock knobs are present too. The pedal is dated to Dec. 21, 2012 and signed by Marc Ahlfs on the inside of the back plate.