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1998 Tube Works Smooth Pure Tube 303 Tube-Driven Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal w/ Box, Paperwork


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Up for sale, a Tube Works Smooth Pure Tube 303 overdrive effects pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and factory paperwork. At the heart of the Smooth Pure Tube is the classic 12AX7A twin triode valve. Capable of a range of harmonically rich overdriven sounds, the pedal has a handy array of tweakable controls. Volume adjusts the overall level of the pedal, while Push controls the amount of tube-driven distortion. Ice adjusts higher frequencies from 2.5khz up, Neutral adjusts the mid frequencies from 800hz to 1.5khz, while Warm controls the low 150hz range. The graphics are clean, the original knobs are intact, and the serial number sticker is present on the bottom. The original box and factory paperwork is included.