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1995 ProCo Rat 2 Flat Box LED Mod Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1995 ProCo Rat 2 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, featuring an auxiliary LED mod. An enduringly popular design heard on countless recordings and stages, this Rat features an LM308 chip for plenty of buzzsaw roar, sizzle, and cut. 1995 was the final year ProCo used the LM308, and the original CTS pots date to the 7th week of ‘95.

This particular Rat has been modified with an asymmetrically-installed LED as an auxiliary diode, controlled via the three-way selector mini-toggle installed just above the knobs: toggling to the right engages the second LED for a Turbo Rat-esque extra distortion and aggression. When the toggle is in the central position, the diode is bypassed altogether for a big, boosted sound, and toggling to the left enables the circuit to function as a standard Rat.

This Rat is in great shape, with just a couple faint marks on the rugged enclosure. The graphics are pristine, and the original knobs are intact.