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1993 Marshall Super Lead 100 Plexi SLP1959 Tube Amp Head, 100% Original & Near Mint w/ Cover


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Up for sale, a 1993 Marshall Super Lead 100 SLP1959 Plexi tube amp head in near mint, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original slip cover, factory paperwork, and complete Marshall-branded tube set.

Introduced in 1993 (making this one of the very first produced), the SLP1959 is an exacting reissue of the original 100 watt Super Lead circuit of the late '60s. A two-channel, four-input design powered by a quartet of matched EL34 power tubes, the SLP1959 offers pure vintage Marshall plexi power. Both rich, cutting cleans and powerful British bark and ripping drive are available at the turn of a dial, and bridging the two channels via a small jumper cable allows the individual gains to cascade for added power and tonal tweakability.

The circuit is untouched, and the Drake transformers date to 1993. All of the original valves are intact with a Marshall-branded EL34 power tube quad and matching ECC83 (12AX7) tubes in the preamp.

Cosmetically, the amp is extremely clean, with smooth black tolex, gold piping, small Marshall logo, and near mint plexi plates, complete with all original knobs.

The original factory paperwork and Marshall-branded slip cover is included.