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1981 Roland Studio System-100M Modular Synthesizer & Model 181 Keyboard w/ Cables & Box, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1981 Roland Studio System-100M Modular Synthesizer and Model 181 keyboard controller in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Stunningly well-kept and complete with numerous patch cables as well as the original shipping box for the keyboard controller, this vintage analog synth is complete and freshly serviced.

First released in 1978, the System 100M was Roland’s scaled-down follow-up to the iconic System 700, their first truly modular unit. It was released in tandem with 13 individual rack modules available for integration into the system. This particular System 100M features the 191-J 5-module case rack. While the 181 keyboard and 191-J case are not not from the same original unit, they were (according to serial numbers) produced in short proximity to each other.

There are 5 individual modules currently mounted in the 191-J case:

-112 Dual VCO: a comprehensive oscillator with two independent VCOs that provide switchable triangle, pulse and sawtooth waves; two VCO outputs and three modulation inputs per oscillator (with the first normalled to track the keyboard CV input)

-121 Dual VCF: two independent low pass filters; each with resonance and self-oscillation at higher settings; switchable high-pass on each filter that cuts at 1, 2, or 5kHz; three inputs, two outputs

-140 Dual Envelope and LFO: Two ADSR envelopes, triggered by gate, gate & trigger, external gate, or via the manual momentary switch; two positive outputs and one inverted output per envelope; LFO range of 0.05-30Hz with five switchable waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth); frequency controls; two outputs with switchable output level

-130 Dual VCA: Two independent voltage controlled amplifiers, switchable between linear or exponential control response; each with three signal inputs, three modulation inputs, and High & Low outputs

-150 Ring Mod/Noise/S&H/LFO: Ring Modulator normalled to have Noise and LFO as X&Y, changeable with patch cables (included); Noise has two white and two pink outputs; Sample & Hold runs on its own clock and sample voltages, can be externally clocked/can sample from any external signal; continuous lag time, clock output, and S&H output; LFO as per the 140.

The Model 181 3.5-octave monophonic keyboard controller has four outputs (CV, Gate, Trig, Bender), and individual controls for Tuning, Transposition, and Portamento, with a Bender wheel.

This unit was given a full once-over both by Synapse Audio in Portland, OR, and also by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. The synth has been cleaned, calibrated, and recapped as needed to ensure optimal performance. The power transformer has also been substituted in the unit's lifetime. All of the modules are in exceptional cosmetic shape, with all slider tips and original knobs intact. The multi-ply wooden sides of the 191-J enclosure are custom-made and exceedingly clean, and the original wooden cheeks on the Model 181 keyboard are near-mint.

The original keyboard box is included, along with about a dozen patch cables and the keyboard-to-synth cable.