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1980s Roland MKS-70 Super JX Rackmount Vintage Analog Synthesizer Near Mint w/ Memory Cartridge


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Up for sale, a 1980s Roland MKS-70 Super JX rackmount analog synthesizer in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Produced from 1986-1989, the MKS-70 is a rackmount version of the JX-10, the last fully analog synthesizer to be produced by Roland. Considered a classic in the lineup of Roland synths, the Super JX is essentially a combination of two JX-8P engines, featuring built-in Chorus and Delay effects, as well as in-depth programming capabilities. Programming can be fairly involved via the rack face, but can be vastly simplified by incorporating a PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer for a more immediate, hands-on experience.

Connections on the back include a 1/4“ Total Mix Output with High, Medium, and Low output selections, as well as Parallel Outputs featuring L/R, and individual Mono connections. MIDI In, Out, and Thru are also provided. A memory cartridge is included.


-12 voice polyphony
-64 program patches
-Six Key modes allow a wide variety of performance effects
-Chase Playing function makes it possible to output two sounds in slightly shifted timing
-Alpha dial can be programmed for parameter control
-Use the PG-800 (not included) for hands-on control