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1980s Boss Digital Delay RDD-20 Micro Rack Series w/ Modulation, RRD-10


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Up for sale, a 1980s Boss Digital Delay model RDD-20 from the Micro Rack Series in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The RDD-20 features continuously variable delay times between 0.75 to 400ms with flat frequency response up to 15kHz. The rack features a Fine knob to adjust the delay time selected, and the onboard modulation offers everything from more chorus-like shimmer to very wide and deep waves of vibrato. There is additional control over the delay Tone and Level, and the rack boasts 1/4" outputs for the dedicated delay signal as well as a mix between the dry and effected sound. The rack also employs a 12-bit PCM system plus analog logarithm compression.

This rack unit is also identical in features and function to the RDD-10 from the same Micro Rack series, sharing the same PCB.

Cosmetic wear is limited to a few very minor marks on the enclosure. The graphics are bold, and all of the original multicolored knobs are present.