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1980 Sequential Circuits Pro-One Model 100 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer


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Up for sale, a 1980 Sequential Circuits Pro-One Model 100 monophonic analog synthesizer in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Introduced in 1980, the Pro-One was designed to be a smaller, simpler version of its renowned elder, the Prophet-5. This well-kept first-year example has been professionally serviced, with all contacts cleaned and all functions operational.

Considered one the most important monophonic synths of all time, the Pro-One can generate many of the same sounds as the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10, capable of supremely punchy bass lines and distinctly ripping leads, fueled by two VCOs, referred to as Oscillator A and Oscillator B. These VCOs and white noise can be mixed into the resonant low-pass VCF filter, which modifies the voice timber under control of its four-stage envelope generator, and the filter may also serve as a sound source. This stage is followed by a VCA, also under control of a four-stage envelope generator.

The Pro-One has extensive modulation provision with three modulation sources available, featuring Filter Envelope Generator, Oscillator B, and a separate LFO. Each can be mixed and routed for either Direct or Wheel-controlled modulation. On the back of the unit, there are Audio, Filter CV, Gate/CLK, and CV inputs.

Other features include a 40-note sequencer, an arpeggiator, Pitch and Mod wheels, Repeat and Drone switch, Single and Multiple-triggering keyboard modes, and the unique Automatic Glide, enabling one-handed complex, “tuned” pitch bending sounds. An added 5-pin DIN input on the back of the enclosure is currently not integrated into the circuit.

All original knobs and switches are present, and the Sequential/Pro One badges are very clean. There is only minor wear on the enclosure edges, and some more concentrated scratches on the bottom.