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1977 Jen Crybaby Super Vintage Wah-Wah w/ Red Fasel Inductor & Case, Italy


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Up for sale, a 1977 Jen Crybaby Super wah pedal in exceptinal condition and in perfect working order, boasting a red Fasel inductor, and complete with the original faux leather case.

Manufactured in Italy, this Crybaby model traces its genesis to a partnership between Thomas Organ, JMI, and Italian guitar manufacturer Eko, who joined to form the European Musical Electronics, producing “electronic musical instruments and equipment;” including Crybaby wahs. In 1968, upper management at EME broke off and formed Jen Elettronica, who made pedals directly for Vox and Thomas Organ, and released their own line of wahs as well. Jen’s wahs are also called Crybabys, as the Crybaby name was never trademarked by Thomas Organ. Jen Elettronica produced wah pedals throughout the 1970s before being acquired by Dunlop at the end of the decade.

This particular unit is a Jen Crybaby Super, differentiated from the standard edition by the external power jack (9V). It can also run off of an internal 9V battery. Tonally, it’s classic Crybaby; with a smooth taper and a rich, vocal tone perfect for adding character to clean passages and making heavily driven solos scream. The original circuit is untouched save for a singular electrolytic cap, retaining the red Fasel inductor at its heart, arguably the most celebrated wah inductor of all time. The pot code dates to August, 1977. This wah is ruggedly built and exceptionally well-kept, with just a few minor marks on the enclosure, retaining the distinctive white rubber bumper.

The original faux leather carrying case is included.