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1970s Univox Mini-Korg K1 Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1970s Univox Mini-Korg K1 synthesizer in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A no-frills monophonic analog synth, the Mini-Korg has been used by artists including the Cure, the Cars, and Human League. This early iteration of the Mini-Korg 700 platform retains the Univox branding, original wood paneling, and colorful control array beneath the keyboard.

This synth is pure classic analog fun, with a wide array of sounds/effects on tap. It’s particularly well-suited for the bass register, with just the right amount of buzz, thump and gutsy punch when toggled to the lower octaves. There are three ring modulators, with two oscillators that are detunable. Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Chorus, and Noise waveforms can be selected, with analog effects including Portamento, Repeat-Delay and Vibrato. Due to the vintage of this synth, some controls have unique names: Bender is Auto-Bend, the Traveler sliders control the High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters, and Expand is the Envelope control. There are Sliders to control Pitch, Repeats, Vibrato Speed and Depth, and Portamento, as well as sliders for Attack speed and sustain (labeled Percussion/Singing).

Cosmetic touches include wood paneling, vibrant colored knobs/sliders/switches, and Univox badging. The Mini-Korg badge is not currently affixed, but is included (currently in the power cable cavity). Cosmetic wear is limited to some minor marks on the wood paneling and light wear on the unit as a whole.