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1968 Marshall JMP Plexi Tremolo 50 Vintage Tube Amp w/ 1972 Model 2x12 Cab, One-Owner & Covers


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Up for sale, a 1968 Marshall JMP "Plexi" Tremolo 50 in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the matching model 1972 2x12 speaker cabinet, the original pair of slip covers, and a complete vintage tube set. A one-owner amplifier, this stunning vintage Marshall was produced in the first quarter of '68 according to the codes on the capacitors. The model 1972 speaker cabinet is ultra rare in its own right (purportedly with the lowest production totals for any Marshall 2x12 cabinet), complete with its stock pair of immaculate pre-Rola Celestion Greenbacks that retain their Pulsonic cones.

Loaded with a matched Amperex EL34 power tube pair, this Tremolo 50 offers immediate, crisp cleans with sweetness and muscle, cascading into thick overdriven bark and roar. The two channel four input design can be jumpered for additional gain and interactivity between the Volume knobs, and this amp is touch-sensitive and powerful, perfectly tailored for live and studio use. And of course the Tremolo 50 features an extra pair of knobs not found on other Marshall heads to govern the tremolo effect, which is powered by a 12AX7 preamp tube.

The pre-PCB turret board circuit is extremely original, retaining its full complement of Drake transformers. Freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this amp has been meticulously gone over to ensure optimal functionality and originality. The preamp has only a couple new smaller electrolytic caps, along with a bevy of Mullard "mustard" capacitors (all of which are original to the amp, save for two which are genuine vintage substitutions). All of the original pots are intact as well, and the chassis boasts a very clean inspection chart. The tube complement includes a matched pair of Amperex EL34s and all of the original Brimar preamp tubes.

The 1972 model speaker cab (1972 being the model designation, as the cab was also produced in the 1968 model year) is loaded with the stock pair of Celestion Greenback 12" speakers. The speakers are time capsule-clean with their stock Pulsonic cones. The wiring harness is original and untouched, and the small serial number badge is retained below the 1/4" input.

Both gold plexi panels are stunningly well-kept, and all original knobs are intact (one knob has a substituted cap). The black levant tolex with gold piping is equally pristine, with only very minor edge wear, mostly on the top back cabinet edge. The gold Marshall logo is retained on the head, as is all original hardware including the head handle, large metal cabinet handles, and the casters.

The original pair of slip covers for the head and speaker cabinet are included. Both covers show some wear, with a few tears on the speaker cabinet cover, yet both still present well with clean white piping and are exceedingly rare in their own right.