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1965 Vox JMI-era Foundation Bass 1x18 Vintage Speaker Cabinet w/ Fane Speaker


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Up for sale, a circa 1965 Vox Foundation 1x18 speaker cabinet in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, loaded with the stock Fane 188 blue label 18” speaker. A genuine UK-made JMI-era cabinet, this cab features Baltic birch construction, designed to be paired with Vox’s AC50 head, and constructed no larger than necessary to accommodate the 18” speaker.

The original Fane speaker is rated for 15ohms (same as a 16ohm load for conventional usage), with a heavy duty frame, ceramic magnet construction, and both the original foil Fane label and smaller model sticker intact. The speaker is rated for 60 watts.

Cosmetics include the original black basketweave tolex, black diamond lattice grillcloth, vertically oriented Vox logo, one-pin corners, and gold piping. Even the small "Foundation Bass" badge is present on the bottom right hand corner of the grill. Cosmetic wear is limited to some minor scuffs and marks on the enclosure.

The cabinet retains its original three-pin XLR-style input, and a 1/4“ cable adapter is included.