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1955 Fender Champ Tweed Vintage Tube Amp, Collector-Grade w/ 100% Original 5D1 Circuit


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Up for sale, a 1955 Fender Champ in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order with a 100% original circuit. A transitional model with a wide panel face, rear mounted control panel, 5D1 circuit, and 6" Permaflux speaker, this four watt Tweed is as simple and pure as tube amp tone gets. For Tweed era Fender bark and cut, there are few better companions than a Champ and this example has a vintage tube set to round things out.

It's truly remarkable to find any vintage Fender amp with a truly pristine circuit and all components still working within spec, and the preamp is loaded with a bevy of red "dynamite" Astron caps. The original transformers are both present, and in this era Fender used a particularly robust Triad power transformer for an amp that puts out a mere four watts. The Minimite power supply caps are all still viable, and the circuit retains its original masking tape signed by "Julia," the Fender employee that wired the circuit in '55.

The original alnico magnet Permaflux 6L-1A 6" speaker is near mint. The hand-serialized tube chart is completely intact, with and "EG" date stamp that translates to August of '55.

Cosmetically, the tweed is particularly clean with sparingly little wear. The Fender badge on the face of the amp is intact and the control panel has all of its white silkscreen text. The handle is an exactingly hand-made leather replica of the original.