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1953 Gibson BR-6 Vintage 1x10 Tube Amp w/ Jensen Field Coil & Cover, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1953 Gibson BR-6 vintage tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order with a vintage tube set and original canvas cover. Recently serviced, this BR-6 is the three-input version as redesigned by Gibson in 1948, pushing 12 watts via a pair of vintage RCA 6V6 power tubes through the original Jensen field coil 10" speaker.

The tone is warm and fairly dark in its voicing from 1-5 on the single Volume dial, gaining grit and overdriven roar pushing towards 10. The amp really shines when dimed out with the midrange character unique to octal preamp amps and a real gutsy, punchy sound that’s thick and saturated.

The point-to-point circuit features the stock IRC pot and power transformer manufactured by Magnetic Components Co, with a date code from the 35th week of '53. There are a few new Sprague capacitors in the circuit, and the output transformer has been relocated from the speaker frame to the chassis. The original Jensen F10U speaker has a clean dark green frame featuring the original sticker on the magnet bell and a date stamp from the 25th week of '53.

The amp retains its original smooth brown covering, made from the same material used on early '50s Gibson guitar cases. The enclosure is extremely clean, with very minor edge wear, and the textured gold grillcloth is equally as well-kept. The large "G" gold badge is intact central to the grill, with the small black silkscreen Gibson logo in the upper right corner of the amp's face. The faceplate has clean silkscreen graphics, and the one brown chicken head knob is intact. Even the original leather handle is present and still viable.

The original canvas slip cover is included.