Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar is a full service repair shop, providing professional work with a smile at competitive rates!  In addition to guitars, we also have years of experience repairing tube amplifiers, effects pedals and a variety of analog and digital keyboards.  Please scroll down for rates and services.


Bench Rate: $85/hr.

No one likes being without their prized axe for any length of time, and can often facilitate rush jobs for an extra fee. Our current lead time is 1-2 weeks and we’re happy to work with you to accommodate extenuating circumstances like your next session or gig. Fretwork and neck resets can necessitate a timeline in excess of two weeks.

ALL SERVICES LISTED REFLECT LABOR COSTS ONLY! Parts (including strings) are additional.  We currently stock DR, Thomastik, and D’addario strings, but we can track down just about anything.

Basic acoustic or electric setup:  $85 (Add $25 for Floyd or other silly tremolo)
Tuning machine replacement: $45
Acoustic bridge reset: $125
Neck reset: $425
Bone Nut:  $90
Saddle (uncompensated) $70
Saddle, individually compensated for your guitar/tuning: $125
Level and Crown, complete (Includes recutting nut slots as needed): $130
Refret, unbound neck: $375
Refret, bound neck: $425
File and reshape fret ends (includes light fret polish): $50
Solid body electronics service/replace single component (Includes cleaning and lubricating pots and switches, tightening switch or jack contacts as needed): $45+
Hollow or semi hollow body electronics service  (As above) $75+
Install new wiring harness, solid body: $85+
Install new wiring harness, hollow or semi hollow: $120+

Many services require new strings to be installed by the tech. Services that involve the adjustment of intonation require new and unplayed strings, preferably those installed by the on-site tech. This is to insure the most stable and correct results possible.

Since acquiring my Jazzmaster and Jaguar, there have always been things about each guitar that bothered me, be it too much play in the tremolo arm, too-bright “bright” switches or simply the fretting-out of bent notes. I’ve taken months to address each of my concerns in-depth, and I feel confident in saying that I’ve mastered the quirks and cues of the Fender offset guitar! Bring in your Fender offset (Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Bass VI, XII- you name it) for a free consultation!

I used to hate vibrato units of any kind: Strats always felt far too tight, Bigsbys felt too loose, and I could never keep them in tune. Now, I can’t live without them- especially the oft-derided Gibson Maestro Vibrola.
Frustrated by tuning issues? Lost some low-end thud? Give us a call!


Bench Rate: $85/hr.

ALL SERVICES LISTED REFLECT LABOR COSTS ONLY! Parts are additional. Most amplifier repairs are fairly unique to the individual amp, but we have attempted to catalog a few of the more common maintenance issues below. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and evaluate your gear when you bring it in, so we both can have a clear expectation of the work needed. It can often take 1/2-1hr of labor to diagnose more enigmatic issues, so a minimum 1hr labor is a good rule of thumb.

Retube and bias: $85, this includes testing current power and preamp tubes as necessary.

Replace/Rewire Speaker: $85+ depending on the constraints of the cab and complexity of the wiring harness.

Head/Cabinet Tolex restoration: $150 minimum.  Many amplifiers (especially blonde and brown Fenders) were unfortunately spray painted black during the “dark times” we like to call the 1970s.  We have made a concerted effort to find products and cleaning techniques that will strip the spray paint away and reveal the original tolex beneath. We also have the resources to retolex your head and cabinet with vintage style grillcloth, tolex and hardware.

***We also offer effect pedal repairs on a case-by-case basis, so please bring your favorite ailing stompbox by the shop for an evaluation***


Bench Rate: $85/hr.

There are few things we enjoy more than having a vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano on our bench!  We have spent years learning how to properly tune and voice these pianos, replace pickups, adjust action and do general restoration and cleanup on these incredible instruments.  We stock vintage tines, tone bars, pickups, harp covers, logos and other miscellaneous parts as well (please contact us if you need any specific parts for DIY repairs).

Our shop is located in Seattle, WA and you can either drop your Rhodes off in person or ship it to us (usually about $150).  We also restore the preamp and power amp sections of Rhodes Suitcase pianos, and those can be removed and shipped to us for repair without us needing the entire piano.

Please contact us for an estimate on your repair.

9 thoughts on “Repairs

  1. chris says:

    i have an ampeg 8×10 could you give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to retolex ?

  2. Lyle says:

    I have a 1965 epiphone wilshire with a broken internal spring in the Maestro vibrola. I can’t see how to take it apart to fix it. Can you fix this?

  3. Mike Koltowski says:

    I have an original mid to late 70s Fender Super Reverb combo 4×10 I believe.. I know my Dad bought it brand new, and it’s been sitting in a storage unit for 20+ years. I tried to fire it up and it just buzzes. I recently threw some new tubes into my Mesa Triple Rectifier head, so I figured I might as well try plugging those old Mesa ones into the Fender, but it made no difference. Not sure if I want a full rebuild of the amp, or partial, leaving the exterior beat up as-is. I was referred to you by a good friend and just wondering about the options we have and pricing. Email me at or call me at 360-483-8204. My name is Mike. Thanks.

  4. Garry Melfa says:

    Gentlemen, I purchased a Gibson sg with auto tuning. I believe it was called a zodiac back in 2007. It does not work. I have taken it to Sam Ash, Guitar center, and the tecks don’t know how to fix it . It has to do with the wireing that you see thru fiberglass in the back. Can you help or know someone that can. You just hit the string and in auto tunes it for you.

    Garry 954-478-1576

    • Hey Gary, sorry we missed this. I wish I could help, but I think Gibson is the only one that can help you. You probably need to have the whole tuning assembly swapped.

      If you ever need to get in touch, email us.

  5. Wallace says:

    Curious as to what you think it would cost to tolex a egnator rebel 20 head and a music man cab? The cab is a pretty standard sized 12″ cab just looking for a ballpark

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