Please check out our current inventory on our Ebay and Reverb stores, or stop by our showroom located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood at 117 N 36th St.

You can also contact us directly with any questions about our inventory.

Inventory Coming Soon (updated 2/21/18):

Electric Guitars & Basses:

  • 1959 Gibson ES-350T: $9000
  • 1964 Fender Jaguar, Sherwood Green Refin w/ matching headstock: $3500
  • 1968 Fender Mustang, Sherwood Green Refin: $1850
  • 1968 Fender Mustang Bass, Sherwood Green Refin: $1900
  • 1976 Fender Mustang Bass, Burgundy Mist Refin w/ matching headstock: $1800

Acoustic Instruments:

  • 1965 Gibson LG-0: $1200


  • 1967 Fender Twin Reverb Blonde Cab Blackface Conversion: $1450


  • Vox Continental UK Wooden Key w/ Z Legs: $3399
  • Vox Super Continental w/ Z Legs: $2499
  • Vox Continental Italian w/ Z Legs: $2199
  • Vox Jaguar w/ Z Legs: $1599

Call us today at 206.399.8518 for an in hand description and photos of these items before they become available via our Ebay, Gbase and Reverb storefronts!

6 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Ed Fabok says:

    Interested in the 59 jazzmaster in white refin, can u elaborate on condition, weight, and type of neck ( a,b, or c) on the guitar. I’m very interested in a vintage original.
    Kind regards, ed

    • Ed, email us! But I will tell you that it’s flat-out incredible. Finish is super clean but looks right for an old finish, and there’s a little work we need to do to make it perfect, such as installing correct tuners and cutting a new nut. Shoot us an email and we’ll walk you through that one! If I could afford nice things…

  2. Pat Finn says:

    I was just looking through your site via getting followed on Instagram and was just dying reading your recreation of Rivers’ blue Strat. I didn’t read every word because I’m looking at this on my phone, but that was Jason Cropper’s guitar. Rivers was constantly quitting music back then and getting drawn back into it. I have the solid state Randall he played in a bunch of bands ( Fuzz, Sixty Wrong Sausages etcetera. ) in my basement. In any case we were not really tone dragons back in the day, just hobbling together stuff and switching out parts for mostly utilitarian reasons. Karl knows about the stuff, but I know why we did what we did. Watching Neil Young playing stuff he’s had for 40 yrs and just nailing his sound makes me think it’s better to decide something is close enough and try to stick with it because then you really get to know it. Cheers! Fun website- pat finn

    • PAT! This is amazing. I’ve heard your name run ’round in some circles, and it’s great that you read this. Every account I’ve read of the blue Strat, either from Karl’s musings via various Weezer gear-related websites says that the Blue Strat wasn’t even ready until the Blue Album was already finished, but it was ready for tour. I’m interested to hear more if you have evidence to the contrary! Thanks for checking us out!

  3. Jim anderson says:

    when are photos of the Royal Tan Casino going to be posted? thanks

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