Welcome to Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar! We specialize in used, vintage and weird guitars, while also maintaining a healthy stock of USA and vintage guitar parts. We love cool gear and can’t wait to help you get that elusive instrument or part for your next guitar project!


Here at Mike & Mike’s we have the good fortune of getting to connect with some great people who manufacture top-notch gear.  We’ve listed a few of our favorites below in addition to a few other gems of the internet where we indulge our love of pop culture.  Please check them out and tell ’em Mike & Mike’s sent ya!

Bilt Guitars – Our pals via the web, these fine folks make the Offset guitars of the future!  Hand-crafted in Des Moines, Iowa, the Bilt Relevator is a personal favorite of ours, conjuring the vibe behind the never produced Fender Marauder and combining it with our favorite Fender style pickups and custom color finishes….not to mention on-board analog effects. Geez.

Riggio Custom Guitars – Built by our friend Joe Riggio, these are simply the finest Fender style instruments available today (not to mention his non-Fenderesque instruments which are also stellar).  The woods, finishes and feel of his instruments are exceptional in every way!

Mastery Bridge We love offset Fender guitars at the Guitar Bar, and there is no better bridge for your Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar than this product. –

Lollar Pickups – Made in Washington State and offering a vast assortment of expertly made guitar pickups, Lollar gets our vote!  These pickups are also available for sale and install through our brick and mortar shop in Seattle.

One Nerd’s Opinion – Love Star Wars, Marvel and other geeky ephemera?  We do too!  This blog gets it right and is written by a talented Seattle musician.  Bonus!

Red Letter Media – On the money, expletive laced reviews of Sci-Fi, B movies, trashy Hollywood blockbusters and other lovable cult films.  Mr. Plinkett for the win.

Pudge Bros. Pizza – Many long nights of repairs and Ebay listings have been fueled by this tasty Za and their famous spicy red sauce. Go get you some.

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  1. Mateus Guedes says:

    Hi man.. i’m from brazil and I dont speak english very well, but I’m just interested about the brand of that acoustic guitar on the photo. The brown one, with the white shield, on the left.

    Thank you very much

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