We’re a fuzz museum!


We’re a fuzz museum! A “Ram’s Head” Big Muff and a Vox Tone Bender, two very different flavors that run the gamut from huge and furry to thin and buzzy. While they’re both amazing in their own way, I will say that this is the greatest Big Muff I’ve ever played. Ever.

And get this: next week we’re getting an original Dallas/Arbiter Fuzz Face!

If you’re interested in checking these out, give us a call!

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2 thoughts on “We’re a fuzz museum!

  1. gary thorstensen says:

    i`ve got a custom builder made MKII tonebender that is having footswitch issues. can you replace or troubleshoot something like this? thanks for your time ——- gary

    • mmguitarbar says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for getting in touch! We’d be happy to help you sort out the switching issue with your MKII. Give us a ring at 206.818.9329 and we can go from there. Thanks,

      -Mike B

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